Building safe environment for schools

Project name: Building a Safe and Healthy School Environment

Millions of children and adults across the DR Congo spend their days in school buildings. Many of these buildings are dire need of repair or replacement. Students need a safe, healthy environment in which to learn & thrive.

TUBA has begun a staged project to improve the school environment in Kafumba and Malela.

Stage 1: Build desks

Currently, students sit on the dirt floor, or on wooden poles. They sit with backs bent as they write on the floor or with a tablet balanced on the pole before them…. all day long.

Stage 2: Erect a common/community building in Malela.

This will provide a secured area to store the the desks when not in use. It will also provide an area for school assemblies & meetings, vocational classes for older students, and community and church functions.

Stage 3: Repair and/or replace school buildings.

TUBA has submitted this project to funding agencies,

Stage 4: Provide books and materials for students.

A large number of students complete the required 12 years without ever having a text book, or access to any book. Information is written on a blackboard and students copy it and take notes.

Stage 1: Desks

Implementing Agency: TUBA

Locations: Kafumba and Malela

Province: Kwilu

Country: DR Congo

Cost: $30,000

Number: 600 desks

Period: 2021

Need: partners.

Cost: 50$/ desk (2-3 students per desk

Multipurpose Hall in Malela

Multipurpose Hall

TUBA is offering to Malela village a multipurpose hall. Students,  farmers and others will use this hall for multiple program.
 $5= 1 corrugated Iron cost.
We have 15. 
45 are needed. 
Your financial contribution is needed.

Construction à Malela de notre Salle Multiservice. 

Malembe malembe.
Mwendo ya Gambiya, 
Petit à petit, 
One step at a time.
Une tôle coûte $5 vos contributions  sont attendues.
 Nous avons déjà 15. 
45 manquent.