Tous Unis Pour Bâtir, TUBA

All United Together for Community Building, AUCB

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DRC Awareness and Fundraising Tour 2022 –
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Please help support our ministry.  As a book author and co author and also artist musician, I sell my books and CDs on amazon. Click Here for a list of books.

Partners needed for our project ‘Safe and Healthy  school environments’.

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TUBA is offering to Malela village a multipurpose hall. Students,  farmers and others will use this hall for multiple program.

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Vision, Mission, Identity, Our Work

Our Vision
Helping families to end hunger through their own efforts/work.

Our Mission
From Farm to Table:
Acquiring seeds/grains, growing food, producing marketable products, ending hunger, fighting malnutrition, and creating jobs.

Our Identity
All United for Community Building, AUCB is a family owned mid size enterprise partnering with union of 40 farmers based in Kikwit, Province of Kwilu in RD Congo.

Our work
Peacebuilding and Trauma Resilience;
Agriculture, Animal Husbandry and Fisheries;
Community Health Care;
Water Sanitation and Hygiene, WASH.