Project name: Safe and Healthy school environments.

Project name: Safe and Healthy  school environments.

Millions of children and adults across the DR Congo spend their days in school buildings, and they need safe, healthy environments to thrive, learn, and succeed. Thus, this  project.
Implementing Agency: TUBA
Locations: Kafumba and Malela
Province: Kwilu
Country: DR Congo
Cost: $10,000- $5000
Number: 600 desks and one multi service room
Period: 2021
Need: partners.
Cost: 35$/ desk

300 Desks Project

This year 2021 TUBA is supplying 300 school desks to 2 primary and secondary schools in Kipuka district. 150 In Kafumba and 150 in Malela. Both schools are supervised by the MB church of DR Congo.

Sitting on the ground, backs bent over schoolwork will no longer be the story for the children in Kafumba & in Malela! The first desks at Kafumba are assembled (top right photo). The children are very excited to be able to sit at a desk for their studies.