Sewing machines

Women working with TUBA Agribusiness are willing to learn other skills such as sewing. They are willing to make masks to protect their families against the COVID-19 and distribute them to 150 families in the village. 

A 175$ donation will help TUBAKWILU buy a sewing machine here in Kinshasa and transport them to Malela. Please Help by giving today!

 We need a total 35 machines for these women. 

Fidele and Leah Lumeya are both living and working in Kinshasa and Kikwit in DRC. They are involved in Agribusiness and innovation.


011 243 82 70 35 287 (out of DRC)
(Inside DRC) 082 70 35 287

[email protected]
Ave Kimpwanza 34, Kikwit RDC