When we started our Agribusiness and innovation work in Kikwit we expected to have good harvest and meet our goal of feeding 100 families including the 60 women staffs.

We harvested less than we expected due to bad quality of seeds distributed by our union.

We don’t want to let our staffs down. They hoped to have a better paying job.

A help of $2,600 is needed to put us back to business  for the coming season which starts in August. Please support by giving today!

Fidele and Leah Lumeya live in Kinshasa and Kikwit in DRC where development is lacking due to government of Congo bad policy with regard to supporting small Agribusiness.

Contact us at:

011 243 82 70 35 287 (out of DRC)
(Inside DRC) 082 70 35 287

[email protected]
Ave Kimpwanza 34, Kikwit RDC