Malela: help for christian women is needed in order to keep them away from forced sex slavery

Malela: kana nge ke na machine a coudre ou $120 sadisa bana ba nkento yayi ya Malela. Machine mosi kaka ke na bwala yayi pour 20 bana ba nkento ya ke zo longuka kutunga. Bo ke kuisaka awa kansi kima kusala kele ve.  Kana kisalu kele ve mingi ke na kukatuka sa na kuenda na ba mbanza ya nene kusosa “lujingu”. 

ces groupes des femmes travaillent avec TUBA mais aspirent a devenir couturieres. Il n’ ya qu une machine pour 20 qu’elles sont. Nous avons besoins des dons en nature comme une machine a coudre ou plus. Avec seulement  $120 nous pouvons avoir une machine a coudre. Avoir de l’emplois va les aider a eviter la prostitution et a attrapper le SIDA et les MSTs.

These women 20 of them works at TUBA agribusiness this is a seasonal work. They want to learn to be a seamstress but the village has one sewing machine. We are asking for more sewing machines or $120 donations to help create jobs for them but also to keep those vulnerable for moving to the city where they are forced to prostitution and or HIV or STDs.

TUBA Volunteers

Youth unemployment in rural areas leads to poverty. 

Where there is no jobs we teach our youth to volunteer.

Unemployment in Kikwit is higher as else where in DRC and this leads to more youth moving else where.

Progress Report

Report on the first 4 months in Congo.

In 2018, Fidele and I were living in Altoona, Pa. We received an invitation from the ECC (National Counsel of Protestant Churches in Congo) to travel to Congo to monitor the national election. During our time in Congo the decision was made to make DRC our permanent residence, and to take over the operation and expansion of TUBA. In the months that followed thousands of hectares (1 ha = 2.4 acre) of abandoned farmland were acquired. Partnerships with local farmers’ unions were established, and 170 men and women were employed in the preparation for clearing and planting 26 ha of the land for the first growing season.

Local Road Conditions

Roads Infrastructures mainly in rural areas are underfunded.

It took us more than 12 hours to travel 45 miles distance in between Kikwit the Capital city of Kwilu province and Malela the outskirt to visit our corn farm. 

We are discussing opportunities to build partnerships for public-private roads with the ministry of rural development. This partnership Public-Private will include roads Infrastructures rehabilitation around Kikwit.